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Create fresh perceptions and increase the power of teams!

Better than a personality test, discover how Everything DiSC can reveal your clients’ potential and free up human capital by improving workplace communications.
Our mission is to educate and accompany professionals in HR, training and talent development in this relevant and accessible methodology. Our training and coaching will put all the cards in your hand to succeed in your professional projects and use Everything DiSC® with confidence and expertise whether with your clients or in your organization.

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Maitres formateurs DiSC

Certifying training

As the French Wiley Everything DiSC Authorized Partner for over 15 years, we take on and share with our clients the most innovative DiSC solutions from the original DiSC assessment designer.


Our DNA: to build a close relationship with you to help you set up and make a success of your coaching and training sessions.


A personal and secure access to the EPIC platform will enable you to manage Everything DiSC reports independently.

Is our DiSC facilitation certification right for you?

Of all the behavioral analysis approaches, Everything DISC provides the most relevant and intuitive psychometric tools.

Illustration DiSC Consultant, formateur confirmé ou en reconversion

DiSC certification empowers you to design effective modules using innovative methodologies and materials.

As a DiSC certified trainer, you will be able to deliver high quality seminars, team-building workshops and training programs in management, communication, sales and professional development.

We prepare you to deliver successful interventions in leadership, sales, team intelligence and communication. With DiSC, you can also provide workshops in conflict management and prevention, team building and customer relations.

Illustration DiSC coach ou consultant en développement professionnel et personnel

You will be able to stimulate awareness of behaviors and detect potential with Everything DiSC personalized profiles.

Our DiSC training via video conference for coaches and consultants shows you how to implement methodologies to adapt to situations and individuals, develop leadership, facilitate change and improve performance.

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Do you want to help your learners gain awareness and insights about their strengths, areas for improvement and potential?

The mission of our Master Trainers is to introduce you to the identification of the driving forces of each personality style. Based on the foundations of emotional intelligence, you will be able to develop talents and improve well-being at work.

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With DiSC know-how, you can better facilitate career development and help your people advance.

As a DiSC-certified HR professional, you enhance your success at attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent. In the online training, our master-trainers reveal how DiSC knowledge can support integration, promotions, conflict mediation and transfers.

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Develop your team’s attentive, authentic and agile leadership.

Identify potential obstacles, overcome conflicts and energize your team. By learning to identify the needs of each one in any situation, our DiSC workshops help you to act with emotional intelligence.

Increase motivation, build trust, and develop team spirit. You will reap the benefits of a workplace that incites exchange and collaboration.

Participate in our DiSC facilitation training. Strengthen team cohesion, enhance creativity and productivity through deeper commitment to collaboration.

Discover DISC

Learning and development professionals

The benefits of becoming a Certified DiSC® facilitator

Along with our training, you have access to personalized, hands-on coaching, as well as a complete toolbox for personal development and creating positive change.

Each Everything DiSC® personal profile you deliver, with its in-depth range of results originating from 12 styles, enhances your effectiveness in your training and coaching.

  • Create an immediate and ongoing positive impact on individual performance and organizational cultures
  • Deepen self-awareness to improve interactions and instill in others how to do the same
  • Reduce burnout and absenteeism
  • Improve management and leadership
  • Increase collective productivity and efficiency
  • Debate ideas with serenity and learn to solve problems
  • Reduce conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Rekindle the feelings of belonging and camaraderie
  • Overcome personal biases to facilitate without judgment

The benefits of DiSC for your clients and your organization

Whether they belong to a small organization, a multinational corporation, an association or a school – everyone appreciates the benefits of Everything DiSC profiles and their tangible impact on teamwork. Used in thousands of organizations around the world, DiSC is a vital lever for building meaningful, effective and sustainable working relationships.

The sooner you implement DiSC cultural awareness in your group, the sooner you’ll experience these valuable benefits:

  • Improve self-awareness
  • Foster teamwork
  • Boost collective productivity and efficiency
  • Manage, resolve and reduce conflicts
  • Manage performance effectively
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Increase sales and commercial excellence
  • Develop emotional intelligence skills
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Ease isolation, even during extended remote work
Entraide DiSC

4 DiSC profiles, 12 styles for multi-colored behavior prototypes

Our DiSC facilitator program and certification empowers you with deeper insights to human thought processes and resulting behaviors by expanding self-awareness and comprehension of those around you.

Based on the priorities and unique characters of individuals, 4 core behavioral types have been identified:

  • D (Dominance),
  • i (Influence),
  • S (Steadiness)
  • and C (Conscientiousness),

These are broken down into 12 styles.
Consequently, our 3rd generation DiSC reports make a subtle assessment of behavioral preferences. You learn to decode them and adapt to people with agility and emotional intelligence.

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D Profile

Dc D Di
An independent spirit, D style is results-oriented and will take on challenges with great motivation. You will learn in our sessions how to recognize and highlight the strengths of this fast, impatient, challenging, dynamic and multi-tasking profile.

i Profile

id i is
The influential style is characterized by an outgoing personality. Their enthusiasm naturally draws in their entourage, and they form social bonds effortlessly. Following our lessons, you will be able to foster the strengths of this profile that makes quick, emotional decisions, loves novelty, but may be challenged by time management.

C Profile

Cd C Cs
A conscientious profile moves forward carefully. With their balanced and diplomatic demeanor, they enjoy working in a meticulous and thorough fashion. That means they may get bogged down in details but are reliable and accurate.

With Discernys, you will discover how to develop the progress points of this style while appreciating its strengths.


Sc S Si
Steadiness profiles revel in listening to and assisting others. Collaborative and supportive, they often represent a stable pillar in their company. Seldom showing their stress under pressure, they usually project a commendable exterior calm.

In our training, you will learn how to challenge people with a style that thrives on working in harmony and in-depth.

Take one of our DiSC training workshops and get your DiSC facilitator certification.

Since 2008, we have been certifying human development professionals in the use of the DISC® method.

A guarantee of quality service, our certification empowers you to expand your skills and grow your service offering. With this training, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your existing interventions and design new services.

Numerous pedagogical supports, such as video content and didactic games, are available to you to facilitate your sessions in a way that’s dynamic, interactive, and fun. To guarantee optimal quality of our certification workshops and to encourage interaction, our remote open sessions are limited to 10 participants. Our face-to-face sessions take place in Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg. We also offer in-company certifications for your groups.

Contact us for further information about our Certification sessions in english.

Bring out your clients’ or colleagues’ potential by getting trained and certified as a DiSC practitioner.

*Our DiSC certification: Expand your skills and complete your service offer along with long-term support adapted to each request.

Formation DiSC by Discernys

Bring out your clients’ or colleagues’ potential by getting trained and certified as a DiSC practitioner.

Training Sessions

Discover our team-building tools.

Energizing your team and keeping them aligned and engaged while working remotely can be complicated. Communication, support and cohesion stand out as real challenges. New work methods are urging managers to reach out for programs that strengthen connections and bring employees closer together.

With its powerful approach, the Five Behaviors method enables you to highlight the strengths and hurdles in your collaboration and create synergies to make teamwork really effective – even when working remotely for long periods!

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Our approach to close client support.

Our mission: pass on our know-how and provide you with turnkey learning tools.

As you can see, we are deeply attached to caring for people. Authentic relationships and personalized follow-up are our core concerns. Discernys is here to accompany, advise and pamper you throughout our partnership.

Accompagnement DiSC

Personalized guidance

  • Listening to your objectives, constraints and needs
  • Proposing customized solutions
  • Offering recommendations for your professional projects
  • Recommending and planning tailored training


Transmission of skills

  • DiSC facilitator certification by videoconference
  • DiSC methodology and its rewards
  • Demonstration of pedagogical tools and material
  • Hands-on application of knowledge
  • Profile management on your EPIC platform


Support and follow-up

  • Personal contact for all your questions
  • Feedback on experience and practical application

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