We would like to thank the people who have participated in the development of this website.


Website design / creation : Medi Chabrol

Medi a versatile web designer, seeks to combine a website creation that is both efficient and creative. His skills in development and graphic design allow him to create a high impact customised site. His primary objective being customer satisfaction, he guides entrepreneurs from the design to the realization of their website.

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Design / Writing of texts : Marketa Famy

Consultant in the field of marketing and communication strategy, Marketa Famy created the company Innoline Concept to support managers and marketing teams in the development of their activity at national and international level.
From developing a strategic marketing approach to operational implementation, she brings her expertise to promote her client companies and their know-how.

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Illustrations : Mijat Mijatovic

A comic book illustrator, Mijat has more than two decades of professional experience working with numerous publishing houses. He has been acclaimed with national and international awards (such as the Grand Prix of the Belgrade International Comic Festival and many others).

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