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Rely on Everything DiSC teaching and coaching support resources!

Everything DiSC is a recognized solution for personal development and emotional intelligence skills training. Are you a consultant, facilitator, HR professional, manager or talent and development leader? If so, our DiSC certification training courses and numerous turnkey pedagogical tools are for you!

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Up your game

to facilitate and coach with DiSC expertise

Our raison d’être is to support you in the successful implementation of DiSC methodology in your coaching and training. By sharing our passion for our vocation, we help you revisit your training programs and integrate fun and professional activities thanks to our various pedagogical kits.

The Everything DiSC® Application Suite

to best meet your clients’ objectives

Everything DiSC® facilitation kits are designed to make your job as a trainer easier.

Whether it’s improving workplace relationships, strengthening management skills, honing leadership impact, managing conflict with fresh eyes, or improving sales force and team impact, these Everything DiSC® educational packs provide supplies, instructions and strategies for orchestrating training tailored to specific business needs.

With its rich content, the facilitation kits will be your ally in leading your sessions. You will be able to facilitate a variety of subjects, respond to your participants’ needs and adapt to each corporate culture.

Facilitation Guides manuals

in customizable MS Word format with step-by-step instructions for facilitating modules with Everything DiSC®,

Video excerpts

that can be used without being integrated into PowerPoint slides.

Templates and images

useful for enhancing your presentations,

PowerPoint slides

with embedded videos (customizable) to facilitate your presentations with Everything DiSC®,

Participant manuals

in customizable MS Word format for use during exercises


to online resources and research validation reports

Containing 4 to 8 learning modules with integrated videos, Everything DiSC Facilitation Toolkits are flexible, comprehensive and modular with multiple possibilities.

They enable you to create a customized learning program with fun and modern activities.

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Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit

Encouraging everyone to build more effective relationships at work

Everything DiSC kit Workspace

Key information for participants

  • In-depth self-discovery
  • Understanding differences in work behavior styles
  • Strategies for interaction

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The Everything Disc Workplace® learning package provides an experience tailored to every individual in the company, regardless of position, function or department, to help them build more productive and effective relationships at work. Participants learn to understand their own and others' behavior, while appreciating the different priorities, preferences and values that drive each person in the workplace. Through personalized knowledge and concrete strategies, trainees practice matching their profile to that of others to improve engagement, collaboration and overall workplace quality.

Everything DiSC Management Facilitation Kit

Empower managers to engage, motivate and challenge their teams more effectively

Key information for participants

  • Discover personal management style
  • Learn how to manage, delegate and motivate
  • Develop employee commitment
  • Strategies for long-term development

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The Everything DiSC Management learning package enhances the effectiveness of all those who play a leadership role in the organization. Participants deepen their understanding of themselves, their direct reports and their own managers, while discovering how their management style affects their decision-making, time management and problem solving. Participants leave with concrete strategies to help them adapt to the profiles of their direct reports, enabling the entire team to perform at its best.

Everything DiSC kit Management

Everything DiSC "Productive Conflict"
Facilitation Kit

Harnessing the power of conflict by transforming destructive behaviors into constructive responses

Everything DiSC kit conflit productif

Key information for participants

  • Developing self-awareness and adapting responses to conflict situations
  • Impact of reactions on others
  • Managing emotional responses
  • How to change destructive responses into constructive ones

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Training participants discover how DiSC styles affect their own and others' conflict behaviors. They learn how their thoughts can influence behaviors and see what their typical reactions might be. Trainees learn how to transform uncomfortable and tense exchanges into stronger, more productive relationships. The Productive Conflict program thus helps to mitigate unproductive attitudes so that conflict improves the bottom line as well as human relationships.

Everything DiSC
Work of Leaders
Facilitation Kit

Providing influential leadership through the process of vision, alignment, and execution

Everything DiSC kit Work of Leaders

Key information for participants

  • A simple and compelling leadership model
  • Personalized information to build on strengths and overcome challenges

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Leaders discover the Work of Leaders process. They learn the three drivers of vision, alignment, and execution.

Everything DiSC Sales Facilitation Kit

Provide salespeople and sales teams with the tools to improve their effectiveness and achieve better results

Key information for participants

  • Connect to customers and understand their buying style
  • Adapt sales style and optimize response to needs
  • Develop drivers for interaction and sales conquest
  • Activate the desire to buy
  • Trigger a customer satisfaction process

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Salespeople discover their DiSC selling style and how personal priorities influence their selling behavior. They use what they have learned about sales priorities and learn to identify the profile, priorities and buying styles of their customers and prospects. Learners use their DiSC sales maps to understand how to shift from their own style to that of different types of customers. The goal is to build a sales pitch that matches the customer's expectations. They then role-play how to adapt to their most demanding customer and develop an interaction strategy for working with that customer.

Everything DiSC kit Sales

Everything DiSC® Agile EQ Facilitation Kit

Interpret and respond to the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation

Key information for participants

  • Discover the strengths and challenges of one’s own DiSC style
  • Learn about the instinctive attitudes that shape interactions
  • Identify opportunities and possibilities to adapt one’s behavior
  • Develop strategies for moving in an agile manner within the work environment

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The Everything DiSC® Agile EQ Training Kit teaches trainees how to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly. The Everything DiSC® Agile EQ Training Kit is designed to be used with the customized Agile EQ profile and includes three modules, fun and engaging activities, and videos dedicated to agility learning.

Everything DiSC kit Agile

Group Reports

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report

The Everything DiSC Group Culture Report provides you with an analysis of the DiSC styles in your group by percentage and information on how these styles influence the culture of that organization. This report presents questions to consider regarding group culture.

It does not include the names and styles of each participant, unlike the Everything DiSC Facilitator’s Report. If you want to see each participant’s name and style, we suggest you use the Everything DiSC Facilitator Report.

rapport DiSC

This report is created from 3 or more individual profiles.
It works with all Everything DiSC reports.

Sections include

  • Your DiSC Culture
  • The D Culture
  • The i culture
  • The S Culture
  • The C culture
  • Summary of data

The Everything DiSC Group Culture Report highlights questions to consider about your group’s culture. These facilitate discussion in teambuilding exercises.

Download a sample report

Everything DiSC Facilitator Report

The Everything DiSC Facilitator Report provides a summary of your group’s DiSC styles. It includes the names and styles of each participant on a single map to help you prepare your interventions with DiSC reports.

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Everything DiSC Teamview

The Everything DiSC Teamview collates all your participants’ DiSC maps on a single document. You can generate teamviews with as many results and as often as you please. It’s free on EPIC.

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Select the Everything DiSC report that matches your project and send the questionnaire to your participants. Save time in the preparation of your trainings with the Everything DiSC® application suite facilitation toolkit corresponding to your specialty. – Your clients will be delighted!

Th engaging learning process enlightens participants about aspects of themselves and the people around them. They will have a powerful experience with moments of revelation that will have an effect far beyond your event.

Learning with educational games

We all love playing games as educational activities. What better means of combining fun and learning? Plus, we retain experiences and learning better when we’re actively and emotionally involved. That’s why games deserve a big place in professional training!

Discover our pedagogical games to deepen your participants’ knowledge and enhance the fun and playful side in your sessions.

quick disc cartes

Quik DiSC Cards

QuikDiSC card games are engaging and fun as icebreakers, self-disclosure triggers and awareness prompts. One warm-up game with QuikDiSC cards is to have participants pick the behaviors that helped them achieve some milestone, then negotiate a card trade-off with their teammates, and finally present and explain their hand.

Other QuikDiSC games help us focus on giving feedback, appreciating the team, serving customers or networking. You can also use these cards in activities for visioning, long-range-planning, change or transition management.

Quik DiSC Cards help you initiate dialogue between participants and bring dynamic energy to the group. These card games also create a more friendly atmosphere and lead to a greater group commitment. When you attend one of our DiSC Certification workshops, you will get to play with QuikDiSC cards and learn these games to use them in your coaching or training.



DisCarte consists of a master deck of 128 cards, made up of four sets of 32 cards each.
Each of the cards in the four card sets is imprinted with one of 32 descriptive words. The words correspond to one of the four DiSC dimensions with 8 descriptive words for each dimension.

Discernys cards

The Discernys cards will allow you to go deeper into what participants have learned about DiSC styles and preferences, as well as check how much they have retained. You can organize challenges and contests and use this card game to energize your presentation.