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We train, certify and coach people development professionals to put the extraordinary value of EVERYTHING DiSC solutions and tools into action. We mostly care about the collaborative relationships we have with our clients. Driven to assuring your successful customer experiences, we listen to get you and bring you real solutions to your missions and projects.

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We offer new solutions in talent management and powerful tools that are constantly evolving to improve and reinvent relationships and effectiveness in the workplace. Emotional intelligence is a key to success for any organization, and DiSC is an effective way to help people develop it. That’s why our certification embodies a philosophy that we live by every day: to put our relationships at the center of action.

The experience we have acquired since the creation of Discernys enables us to offer you real expertise and benevolent support for the implementation of your projects. Our know-how has been continuously enriched over the past fifteen years thanks to our clients.

Our team

We share a passion for our mission and a commitment to our clients.


Susan Cortese


Passionate about emotional intelligence and neuroscience, Susan incorporates new knowledge and techniques into her coaching to help her clients build confidence and resilience.

Using the Five Behaviors model, she facilitates team cohesions that build trust, communication and leadership in teams. As a consultant for over 20 years, she designs and implements seminars with Everything DiSC from management to communication, assertiveness, change, creativity, stress management,… Working with multicultural teams in various professional sectors, Susan relies on dynamic activities to stimulate awareness and change. Above all, she enjoys sharing her considerable experience in combining her subjects with her peers in DiSC certification training.


Simon Elliott


Expert and author of a negotiation methodology, Simon is a highly experienced consultant in intercultural and international environments and has worked with over 50 nationalities in almost as many countries.

He is a facilitator in the EMBA programs at several French universities. He proposes innovative methodologies and personalizes his approaches to make them more operational for our clients and to bring them in line with the company’s organizational culture. Also acting as a mandated negotiator for specific missions, he has assisted on mergers, acquisitions and key projects.

Simon knows how to put the DiSC method in concert and sing out his enthusiasm for the solutions that DiSC brings. He lives to the rhythm of his training, coaching and conferences, but it is through the piano that he expresses his passion for music.


Valérie Amé

Office manager

A pillar of organization at Discernys, Valérie accompanies our clients in the construction of their professional projects with excitement and generosity.

She develops a sense of relationship with our customers thanks to her attentive listening and her strength of proposal. She is driven by her ability to provide impeccable service and to advise individual and adapted solutions with a positive mindset and efficiency. Her creativity and inventiveness, which she applies to the decoration and restoration of antique furniture, enriches her personal passions as much as her professional life.


Amandine Brunner

Customer Relations

Curious and determined, Amandine’s career has taken a new turn with Discernys. Starting as an accredited painter-decorator from the Compagnons du Devoir, she then applied her rigor and creativity in various sales positions. This attentive care for details and demands has proven her to be the ideal interface for our trainees in their certification process.

She’s driven to implementing rewarding personalized solutions for our clients while insisting on quality and accuracy.  At home, Amandine is a jack of all trades. She brings her versatility and strong sense of organization to work, creating new processes that increase productivity, reactivity and reliability.

Our values

People first

Customer relations are at the heart of our business. We attach particular importance to customer satisfaction which is built through close relationships. It goes far beyond training and certification sessions. Moreover, we play close attention to our clients' feedback.


We take into account your needs and expectations by listening carefully upfront and then analyzing them thoroughly. Helping and advising our customers, making their daily life easier, this is our commitment.

Sharing and communication

Our aspiration to accompany and help our clients progress drives us. We want to adapt to your needs, on a case-by-case basis and over time, with transparency and trust. Sharing and communication are part of our DNA.

Competence and professionalism

Based on our expertise, our methodology, our motivation, our availability and our versatility, we provide solutions in line with the objectives. Susan and Simon are recognized experts in the fields of management and communication.


Entrusting your professional project to Discernys means starting a relationship of trust and respect. We make it a point of honor to be close to you to support you in the implementation of your projects or training sessions.


Giving a playful and enjoyable dimension to learning is essential for us because pleasure is vital to progress. We remain optimistic in our search for solutions! Enthusiastic and dynamic, we take up the challenges of all your projects with you! Open-minded and curious, we love to anticipate new needs and innovate our proposed solutions.

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